ZipTop Containers Review


I received Zip Top containers in order to facilitate an honest review. #ad

Zip Top containers have offered me some sanity from my overstuffed cabinets of food storage containers and their lids.

The containers take up valuable cabinet space and leave me hunting for lids.

Sure, there are reusable baggies but what about the environment?

For sustainable food storage that doesn’t take up valuable cupboard space, there’s ZipTop.

Founded by Rebecca Finell in 2017, Zip Top’s mission is to create a solution that’s not only better for you, but the environment.

Manufactured in the United States, Zip Top containers are created from one piece of platinum silicone.

This highly durable material contains no plastic, no fillers, no harmful chemicals and is BPA-free.

Platinum silicone is a high-quality, food-grade, and skin-safe polymer.

It is often used to create baby bottle nipples and surgical materials.

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One of my favorite features of the Zip Top container is that they are each free-standing.

They stand on their own and have a wide opening making it so easy to fill and turning the larger containers into bowls or cups to eat meals on the go.

This award-winning design offers versatility, easy-pour corners and is microwave-safe, refrigerator-safe, freezer-safe, and dishwasher-safe.

When it comes to sizes, Zip Top offers container sizes ranging from four to 32-ounces.



These reusable containers have so many uses from storing to leftovers to organizing around the home.

They nest easily, opening valuable shelf space and I love the convenience of taking them from the cupboard, filling, storing, and washing to start again.

I have a trigger thumb and so opening and closing things like Ziploc baggies is painful.

I can not only open Zip Top containers, but I can fill them and seal them without effort.

Whether it is a portion of solid food, like carrot sticks, marinating meats, or storing leftover gravy, Zip Top containers get it done.

As a seamless single mold, practicality reigns.

Open and close the container with a resealable zipper.

There are no angled corners where food “hides” and the rounded edges mean all the liquid makes its way out of the container.  

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zip top containers


Zip Top, Truly, Reusable Made Easy! 100% Platinum silicone containers that stand up, stay open and zip shut. Durable, one-piece construction that is food-grade, dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe. Made in the USA!

The possibilities are endless, check out these Zip Top hacks –

Zip Top containers are available in four stunning colors: teal, gray, frost, peach, or lavender.

A set of 8-pieces has a manufacturer’s suggested retail of $89.99.

With Zip Top, there are no angled corners to trap food.

The rounded edges make it easy to pour out excess water after you finish cleaning them.

Plus, you can throw them in the dishwasher.

It should be noted that if you plan on storing pantry staples such as sugar or coffee, the seal is not airtight, and these tiny granules escape if you apply pressure to the container.

Zip Tops are designed to be upright, which is great unless you plan on stacking the filled containers.

They are soft, food-grade silicone so they smush—so while they nest nicely in the cupboard, they take up room in your freezer or fridge.

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On June 24, 2021, AmericaByDesign Episode 2 on #CBS and #ABC #Ziptopcontainers shared how a family can replace 5000 plastic, disposable bags a year with safer, healthier, more sustainable packaging. MadeintheUSA 

Like most containers, Zip Tops are prone to stains from tomatoes, beets, and other foods.

They also retain some odors from foods.

I typically soak the containers in baking soda and water when I remember.

You can purchase them from, Amazon, and select stores with a 30-day refund policy for new, unused, original packaging.

Yes. Zip Top is offering 15% off all purchases for a limited time.

 Save 15% on your ZipTop purchase. Enter the coupon code: MOMMYSMEMORANDUM15 at checkout.

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