5 Reasons Wine is Good for Your Health

Glass of red wine standing on an oak barrel in a cellar

There are plenty of articles out there discussing the overwhelming proof that a glass of red wine is good for your heart health.

However, much less information is available for the more universal benefits of a daily glass of wine.

Wine has a seemingly endless list of benefits, just check out wideopeneats.com, including memory aid, bone-strengthening properties, weight loss, and even immunity-building qualities.

Improve Your Memory

Research shows that having a glass or two of wine every day could improve your memory long-term, so if you’re after a daily, drinkable wine, check out red wine’s selection of varieties to suit your tastes.

When given memory tests, women in their 70s who drank daily performed better than women in their 70s who drank occasionally or never at all.

Of course, we know about the heart positive aspects of drinking wine daily, and these benefits are likely part of what we can attribute to the memory improvement seen in people who drink daily wine.

glass of red wine on wine barrel

Lose a Little Weight

Research on daily wine drinkers also shows that the scale tends to be a little nicer to people who have a daily glass of wine.

The same can also be said for people who enjoy recreational beer, but liquor drinkers, tend to carry more weight and more fat in the belly area!

This, in and of itself, should be enough for you to want to check in on the affordable wine clubs.

Boost Your Immunity

Plenty of people try to drink a glass of grape juice daily to reduce their risk of catching certain ailments.

As an adult, grape juice might not seem as appealing to you, but luckily a glass of grape-derived wine can have some of the same immunity benefits as a glass of grape juice has.

Protection From Ovarian Cancer

More research is needed on this particular subject.

However, one study suggests that women who indulge in one drink of wine a day might significantly reduce their risk of developing ovarian cancer later in life.

Again, more research is needed on this particular topic, but the first study results were promising.

bottle pouring red wine into glass

Build Better Bones

While you probably do not drink enough milk to reap the calcium benefits, you can replace some of your concerns about your bones by drinking a glass of wine almost nightly. 

It seems that women who drink a daily glass of wine tend to have a higher bone mass than the women who choose to abstain from drinking.

Researchers have known that estrogen is boosted through alcohol consumption, but apparently, that can be closely linked to the bone’s mass.

Final Thoughts

Any doubt that you may have had about drinking a nightly glass of wine can easily be whisked away now that you know all of the clear benefits to your wine consumption.

As an even better excuse for drinking your daily glass of wine, remind yourself that wine can also reduce stress, and a less stressed person is a better person, and the world could do with more of those.

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