Rainbow Layered Ribbon Jello Recipe

layered ribbon jello
Today’s Best Recipe is Layered Ribbon Jello.
This rainbow layered ribbon Jello recipe layers the colors and flavors of the rainbow for one of the most beautiful desserts.
This recipe is easy, though time-consuming.  
It was my then-six-year old’s favorite thing to make (with Mom’s help!).
It’s still her MUST have for Holidays, Celebrations, and just because.
This is a BEAUTIFUL dessert!
how to make layered ribbon jello

Rainbow Layered Ribbon Jello Recipe Ingredients:

  • 7  (3 oz) pkg. jello of different flavors
  • Boiling water
  • 1 cup sour cream*

*Optional: Instead of the sour cream try coordinating flavored yogurt (raspberry jello/raspberry yogurt.

Rainbow Layered Ribbon Jello Recipe Directions:

Dissolve one package of gelatin in 1 1/4 cups boiling water.
Pour 3/4 cup into a pan (the larger the pan the thinner the layers–we prefer an 8×8)
Chill until set, but not firm, about 20 minutes.
With remaining gelatin in bowl; gradually blend in 3 tablespoons of sour cream* and spoon over set gelatin in pan.
Chill until set but not firm, about 20 minutes.
Repeat with each remaining flavors of jello
Always start and end with the clear jello (not mixed with sour cream)
Chill at least 2 hours.


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